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Blocking Before the Whistle

Rule 5.13.26 refers to “established starting position,” but this isn’t defined anywhere in the ruleset. How much jostling and bumping of my opponents can I do prior to the jam-starting whistle before I will get a penalty?

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Jammer Cutting Jammer When Blocked Out Of Bounds On The Inside

Jammer A hits Jammer B out of bounds on the inside of the track at the jam start. Jammer A then begins to skate clockwise on the track to draw Jammer B back. Can Jammer B skate counterclockwise around the inside of the track in order to come in behind Jammer A who blocked them out of bounds?

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Illegal Positioning

Now that being fully out of position at the beginning of a jam results in a major penalty (5.13.10), what happens if more than half the team is fully out of position? Does the Pivot get an extra penalty per 5.13.31? Wouldn’t that be more than one penalty for the same transgression? How do these rules work together?

What if the whole team is completely out of position? Would we really assess a penalty to every Blocker on the track for that team?

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Official Rules

The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

The latest version of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby is available for download. This is the seventh full revision of the WFTDA rules since the organization developed the first shared rules for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby in 2005.

Appendix A: WFTDA Track Design

Provides official dimensions and marking procedures for the WFTDA roller derby track.

Hand signals, standard practices, and other related documents can be found in the officiating section.

Rules Publications

These publications are released by the WFTDA Rules Committee periodically throughout the year, providing official guidance for interpretation of the rules.

Maintaining A Stopped Position or Clockwise Momentum

5.9.21 states that a Direction of Game Play penalty shall be given for “Actively maintaining a stopped position (e.g., via braking or receiving an assist), or maintaining clockwise momentum, while impeding an opponent.”

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