WFTDA Officiating

Roller derby leagues rely on hundreds of officials. In order to ensure that WFTDA sanctioned bouts and tournaments are staffed by the most qualified and capable officials, the WFTDA created a process of evaluation and certification. As the WFTDA grows in both size and national prominence, it is critical to recognize those officials who exhibit the best ability, implementation of the rules, fairness, and consistency across the board. When a bout is staffed by WFTDA certified officials, those teams know they’re getting the best.

Officiating Clinics

The WFTDA Officiating Clinics are a two-day immersion into all things officiating, with both classroom and track time, culminating in a put-it-into-play scrimmage. The clinics are offered annually and hosted in locations all over the world in order to reach as man officials as possible. Follow the link below to learn more.

2015 Officiating Clinics

WFTDA Referee Certification

WFTDA Non-Skating Official (NSO) Certification

Officiating and Training Resources

WFTDA Officiating Q+A

WFTDA's Officiating Committee answers common questions about officiating in our Officiating Q+A.

WFTDA Officiating Standard Practices

Establishes standard practices for referees and non-skating officials during interleague and tournament play. Last updated January 2015.

Officiating Standard Practices

WFTDA Official Hand Signals

Official hand signals for communication of penalties and directions between referees and skaters. Last updated January 2015.

Official Hand Signals

WFTDA Officiating Verbal Cues

Standardized verbal communication between officials and skaters during gameplay. Last updated January 2015.

WFTDA Officiating Verbal Cues

WFTDA Officials Dress Code

Effective for all WFTDA-sponsored tournaments.

WFTDA Officials Dress Code

Officiating Skills Assessment

Skills assessment guidelines and forms for officials.

WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements and WFTDA Written Rules Test for skaters are now located at

The Official Rules and Track Design documents can be found at Rules Central.

WFTDA Official's Game History

The WFTDA Officials Committee, in concert with Referee and NSO Certification, has developed a standard template for documenting officiating experience. Utilizing this format will simplify the efforts of those reviewing numerous candidates for tournaments and/or certification as well as ease officials' efforts in developing their own formats. While developed primarily to track WFTDA game experience, extensibility was included for officials wishing to consolidated experience in other derby disciplines. The template may be found at the link below and will be considered the mandatory format for the Officiating History requirement of certification applications as of March 15 and required of 2013 WFTDA Tournament applicants.

Google Doc: WFTDA Official's Game History

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