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WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Dates 2016

Want to see more great roller derby in 2016? Check out some of the amazing WFTDA-Recognized tournaments below and find one in a city near you!

About the Recognized Tournaments Program

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Program recognizes and supports high-quality WFTDA-member hosted tournaments worldwide.

While allowing for various tournament structures, this program establishes a consistent standard for tournament officiating and games management across all WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments. In exchange, the host league receives the right to carry the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament tagline and is provided with additional WFTDA promotional support.

Program Description

WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Program (PDF - English)
- WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Application Guide (PDF - English)

Programme de Tournois Reconnus par la WFTDA (PDF - Français)
- Guide d'application (PDF - Français)

WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Program (PDF - Deutsch)
- Bewerbungsleitfaden (PDF - Deutsch)

Programa Torneo Reconocido por la WFTDA (PDF - Español)
- Guia de Solicitud (PDF - Español)

Program Application


To Host League

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournament program gives host leagues the ability to brand their tournament or multi-game weekend as a quality, official WFTDA tournament.

The designation includes a package of marketing benefits to be determined at the opening of the annual application process, such as:

  • Use of the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament tagline “A WFTDA-Recognized Tournament”

  • A package of WFTDA Marketing support and promotion to be determined annually

  • Recognition and designation as an official WFTDA-Recognized Tournament on and the WFTDA forum

  • Participation in special educational programming for WFTDA-Recognized Tournament hosts

  • Consideration for Live Streaming Application (league produced streaming carried on

A tournament’s adherence to WFTDA officiating and games standards will also help promote the tournament to potential participants and officials.

To WFTDA and WFTDA Membership

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Program will provide:

  • Official support and branding of quality tournaments worldwide

  • Consistent use of WFTDA Rankings system for host-run tournaments

  • Standard level of Certification for Tournament Head Officials

  • Use of an application and hiring process for tournament officials

  • Standardized use of Games and officiating standards across WFTDA-member hosted tournaments

  • Promotion of the WFTDA and increased support to host-run events


Sanctioned Tournament Definition, Eligibility and Requirements

  1. A “Tournament”, for the purpose of sanctioning, consists of at least four sanctioned games between three WFTDA charter teams. There does not need to be a “winner” of the event.

    A Tournament Host is the league responsible for the primary production of the event, including the rental or securing of the event facility, provision of insurance for the event, and conformance of the event and facility to all WFTDA safety protocol and sanctioning requirements.

    The league designated as Host on the WFTDA Tournament Sanctioning application must be a WFTDA-member league of any Membership Class; non-member leagues or WFTDA Apprentice leagues are not eligible for hosting.

    In the event where a third-party unaffiliated with any team or league or WFTDA Apprentice League is the Tournament Host, a WFTDA-member league may be designated as the Host for the purposes of sanctioning game play and will be responsible for meeting all WFTDA safety protocol and sanctioning requirements.

  2. The Tournament Sanctioning Application must be submitted to WFTDA Sanctioning 30 days prior to the date of the tournament or be subject to a late fee.

WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Eligibility and Requirements

In addition to the requirements above, to be granted WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status, a tournament must meet the following additional requirements:

Tournament Dates

  • The tournament may take place at any time of the year.

Tournament Structure

  • At least 50% of games in the tournament must be WFTDA-sanctioned

  • The tournament must be open to the public or include broadcast

  • The tournament must use WFTDA Rankings for any seeding of teams into brackets or high seed/low seed determinations. The host league may determine the ranking period which will be used to set seedings and must communicate that date in advance to participants.

  • The tournament will follow the requirements for WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments in the WFTDA Suspension Policy

Officiating and Oversight

  • The tournament host must provide a staffing plan for officiating, including the Tournament Head Referee (THR) and Tournament Head NSO (THNSO). Hiring a Level 3 or above WFTDA-Certified THR and Level 2 or higher THNSO is recommended. THRs may be skating or non-skating.

  • The Tournament Host must arrange for a Games Tournament Oversight Officer (GTO) to provide oversight for the tournament. This individual must provide proof of completion of an online WFTDA GTO certification course prior to tournament start.

  • Tournament Officials will utilize the WFTDA Standard Officiating Practices and Verbal Cues.

  • The tournament will have an officiating evaluation process set up for teams to complete evaluations and includes a requirement for CHRs and CHNSOs to write tournament evaluations for each member of his/her crew.


  • The tournament will place the WFTDA logo and the tagline “A WFTDA-Recognized Tournament” following the tournament name, on all promotional materials. (The WFTDA logo must be no bigger than the tournament and/or host league logo, and the tagline must be in proximity of the WFTDA logo)


WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status is granted for one calendar year of the tournament and does not renew automatically. Tournament hosts must re-apply to renew their WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status.

Application Process and Dates

A WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Review Panel will collect all application materials via a Google application form.

Applications may be submitted at any time, however reviews take place on a quarterly basis. The cutoff date for all materials for each application review cycle is as follows:

June 1 Opening date for applications for the following year
September 1 Deadline for applications to make the annual announcement and Championship promotion. Decision made by October 1
WFTDA Championships Announcement of WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments for the following year
December 1 Decision made by January 15
March 1 Decision made by April 1

A decision will be made within the calendar month in which the application cycle closes, with the exception of December due to the holidays.

In order to take full advantage of marketing benefits, hosts are advised to apply for the September 1 application deadline, the year prior to the tournament date. If that is not possible, they should select the deadline that falls at least 120 days prior to the tournament date and will receive prorated benefits based on their acceptance date and the date of the tournament.

To apply the host must:

  • Complete an application which will include:
    • Tournament details
    • List of invited teams (if available)
    • List of participating teams from prior year(s) of tournament (if applicable)
    • Names and certification level of THR and THNSO hired for current year tournament
    • Names of THOs from previous year of tournament (if applicable)
    • Statements to certify conformance to WFTDA-Recognized Tournament requirements
  • Submit a tournament bracket, schedule, or schedule plan
  • Submit officials application and description of hiring and staffing process
  • Provide GTO name, Officiating History, and proof of completion of WFTDA online GTO course

Hiring of Tournament Head Officials and Games Officials are not required to be completed by the application deadline, but WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status may be subject to the hiring of these officials in accordance with requirements.

Approval Process

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Review Panel will be comprised of a member of Competitive Play, a member of the Officiating Committee, a member of the Marketing Pillar. The Managing Director of Games will provide oversight. The Review Panel will review applications and determine if the requirements of WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments are met.

Should an application be rejected, the Panel will provide information as to why the application was rejected so that the host league may consider adjustments to their tournament plan prior to the next application review cycle close date.

There is no limit to the number of times a tournament application may be submitted.

There is no limit on the number of tournaments that may be approved for the program, as long as the tournament meets the requirements of the program.

Failure to conform to requirements of the program will result in a tournament’s WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status being rescinded, or not being renewed until requirements are met.

Appeals Process

Should a tournament host believe their application or renewal to be rejected unfairly, they may submit a letter of appeal to the Competitive Play Committee Chairperson, Managing Director of Games and Games Officer. These individuals will review the application and rejection and will communicate back to the petitioning league within two weeks of receipt of the appeal.

The WFTDA will make every effort to assist a tournament host with a successful application and tournament, as long as the host is able to meet the requirements listed in the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Eligibility and Requirements section.

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